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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

If Eason Jordan will just present some evidence...
...then this is the most vicious crime ever committed against the First Amendment , over and above Exodus 20:13 and 16. All it takes is some verifiable proof - documents, witnesses - and I'll say Bush et al needs to go - to prison, if possible. Seriously - this would be crime worthy of the Medicis. Presenting proof - how hard can it be?

BUT BUT BUT...having proof is different. And Jordan The Anti-war, Anti-Bush Executive isn't the beacon to guide any of the blinkered through the fog of war, you know. In fact, he's been a part of the fog himself, as the news executive who admitted in April 2003 that he had his own reporters sit on several years worth of stories about the Tigress of the Euphrates's cruelties to protect CNN staffers targeted by the Hussein administration and keep CNN's Baghdad bureau open. A hostage situation, simply put. Well, if Jordan can't present proof that U.S. soldiers are deliberately targeting journalists, he's in major violation of Exodus 20 : 16, in addition to slander laws. A violation that are particularly steaming and pungent, tending to pile up faster than Jordan's betters can shovel it away.

All this talk of 'fear of speaking out'. No one in this country is scared of Bush anyway, since baloney of this magnitude gets a chance to undercut the more delicately phrased, legally-cleared processes of insinuation charged against CBS, the Times of NYC and London, etc.

The most innocent construction I can think of for Jordan's charge is that he's previewing a novel - he's going into the alternative history genre. Put Jordan's proposed novel beside Nicholson Baker's Checkpoint (at least you know Baker's a novelist). You can see the endcaps for an entire rack at Border's Books: "History As It Should Have Had The Good Grace To Have Been Made". Or "Wish-Fulfillment With A Will To Dignity."

Don't mean to slander a whole legitimate literary genre. But Bush Bashery is an industry, just as Clinton and Reagan Bashery were, as I wrote in my last 2004 post after the election. How tight are its' standards?

Addendum: some errors corrected since posting to www.hughhewitt.com.
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