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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Congratulations to Iraq on the occasion of their first election!

I voted against the Defense of Marriage amendment even though I have a total of zero canines in that fight, on behalf of the possibility of happiness for a few friends of mine. But that amendment passed on every ballot that carried it. Today, I'm glad to have voted with winners. I'm happy for the people of Iraq as they make history, even though it'll do nothing for me personally, even though I'm unlikely to meet a single beneficiary of Bush's efforts.

I live in a country that's a couple of centuries-plus past its' first elections, so I can understand how Democrat after Democrat could address talk show after talk show with very mild, polite 'well, yes. I suppose it's a good thing' followed by demurrals as dumb as Howard Dean's mewling 'I guess it's sort of a good thing...' response to the capture of the Tigress of the Euphrates in December 2003. Voting comes so easy to us. Why, we just do it and forget it about it and fret ourselves silly over how one side could win when the other almost won.

Right now I could kick myself over not posting about the AFGHANISTAN elections last October. And blogging has been low priority for me since Bush won and Arafat died.

But I don't take our governing concepts for granted, even when my candidate loses. Voting has never caused me any pain (maybe I don't have enough to lose?). So I say that the excitement these people feel today will be felt each time they carry out this process - however often they'll deem it necessary in their new constitution. In Jesus' name, bless their hearts.

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