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Thursday, November 11, 2004

November 2 - 5: The Bush-Bashing Book / Magazine / Blog Publishing Bonanza Gets Four More Years To Roll!

The silver lining of the election for much of the anti-Bush crowd.

Yassar Arafat dies on November 11, 2004.

Sure, it could happen to lots of nicer guys. In fact, thanks to Arafat, death happened to lots of nicer Israeli and Palestinian guys. And women. And children. Here's hoping this trend will be reversed by the new Palestinian Authourity line-up.

This news was pending beginning his first death announcement on 11/4/2004. I first heard of Arafat's death when a reporter mentioned it to President Bush during his post-election press conference, and here is an article about the same from the German news outlet Deutsche Welle on November 4, '04. The reason I present this link is that after Arafat's illness had been announced the previous wee, I told some of my friends that Arafat would be dead by or within a few hours for or aft of our elections. Boy, was I off. Me and the DW.

On November 4, 2004, a certain politician made a smarter statement...

...about the Israel-Palestine situation during his press conference than any made by Yassar Arafat himself:

"There is a certain attitude in the world, by some, that says that it's a waste of time to try to promote free societies in parts of the world. I've heard that criticism. Remember, I went to London to talk about our vision of spreading freedom throughout the greater Middle East. And I fully understand that that might rankle some, and be viewed by some as folly. I just strongly disagree with those who do not see the wisdom of trying to promote free societies around the world.

If we are interested in protecting our country for the long-term, the best way to do so is to promote freedom and democracy. And I -- I simply do not agree with those who either say overtly or believe that certain societies cannot be free. It's just not a part of my thinking. And that's why during the course of the campaign, I was -- I believe I was able to connect, at least with those who were there, in explaining my policy, when I talked about the free election in Afghanistan.

There were -- there was doubt about whether or not those elections would go forward. I'm not suggesting any of you here expressed skepticism. But there was. There was deep skepticism, and -- because there is a attitude among some that certain people may never be free -- they just don't long to be free or incapable of running an election. And I disagree with that. And the Afghan people, by going to the polls in the millions, proved -- proved that this administration's faith in freedom to change peoples' habits is worthy. And that will be a central part of my foreign policy. And I've got work to do to explain to people about why that is a central part of our foreign policy. I've been doing that for four years.

But if you do not believe people can be free and can self-govern, then all of a sudden the two-state solution in the Middle East becomes a moot point, invalid. If you're willing to condemn a group of people to a system of government that hasn't worked, then you'll never be able to achieve the peace. You cannot lead this world and our country to a better tomorrow unless you see a better -- if you have a vision of a better tomorrow. And I've got one, based upon a great faith that people do want to be free and live in democracy."
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