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Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 10, 2004

Late tonight - listening to New Order's 'Brotherhood'. Wonderful album.

On Michael Moore's side!

I'm simpatico with Michael Moore this time. How dare the New York Times talk this smack!

Watching Bill Moyers NOW on the 9/11 Commission.

Moyers' show did a better job than 'Farenheit 911' of displaying the Bush administration's repeated lack of acceptance of the bin Laden threat inside the U.S. Amazingly, the Clinton years aren't utterly skimmed over nor rushed through like the high-speed legal disclaimers at the end of radio commercials - the Bush admin just couldn't see fit to put these guys at the top of a quite lengthy shitlist, time and again. But the show still didn't offer proof - because the commission's report didn't offer proof - of genuine negligance, much less an attempt by Bush to profit from any such attack. The show ended with the report's line: 'the public was not warned'.

We rarely are. Think of the first World Trade Center attack in January 1993. So what if we weren't warned this time around? Given how we take the alert levels sent out and duly mocked every couple of months or so since the actual attack, surely no one believes that a spectacular non-event would've made us feel any better.

The remaining bottom line for me continues to be that Bush's response beat the hell out of any of the responses that Clinton permitted.
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