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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Not much mental space for blogging lately, since I'm in school for the academic fight of my life (so far). An algebra course and a chemistry course with enough algebra that it might as well be a second math course. Egad.

Scorched earth in Chechna - coming up?

In my favorite Kurt Vonnegut novel 'Breakfast of Champions', he touches briefly on the conquest of the new world by the conquistadors. I can't quite recall how this section tied into Dwayne Hoover's Midland, but anyway to paraphrase, Vonnegut wrote that the conquistadors succeeded because no one was prepared to believe just how greedy and heartless they were willing to be, and how quickly. It was too astonishing to believe.

Well, that book was published in the 1970s, and Vonnegut meant that story to jab our Western Civ notions a little. We've all been exposed to enough such jabs, from enough different directions, so it seems fresher to now spin Vonnegut's apercu eastward, to the Beslan school slaughter in Chechnya. This is, to me, the spookiest news from the terrorist world in a while. I'm not arguing whether or not the 'seperatists' part of Chechnya is right or wrong - Russian forces have been in that region a long time. But the hostage takers weren't largely of that region - apparently, the Chechnyan cause has been appropriated by terror forces from outside. In their killing of children by one means or another, these people ought to prove by now that they're all about the nickel and diming. The death of a thousand cuts. The use of sheer horror to maintain a slow leaking of vitality from people who insist on remaining mystified by the motives of al Queda et al and yes, pun intended.

On Fox News early this morning, the runner at the bottom of the screen carried an interesting bit about the Beslan school slaughter by Chechean / Al Queda terrorists -Russian generals allowed as to how they were readying to make 'pre-emptive strikes anywhere in the world', though they'd draw the line at using nuclear weaponry. This statement disappeared from the screen pretty quickly. Fortunately for Fox haters, CNN confirms. All thanks to www.rogerlsimon.com's comments section for this link.

This is the sort of sickness that either Bush or Kerry will likely be faced with soon enough after the election. What I really wonder is how long it'll take Putin to ask for aid from, oh, one of the members of the Coalition of the Willing. Not saying which member(s).

Very well written. Also, I appreciate the fact that you did not give any serious consideration of the validity of the Checen position, acknowledging that that has no bearing on the horror of this crime.

Allen Young
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