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Monday, August 09, 2004

August 9,2004

A brand new criminal defense!

Just what we've been missing for so many years. Now it's a crime committed in the interest of public education. Assuming this Benjamin Vanderford is treated as if he committed a crime, that is. He was a failed politician once. Bet this little jok...sorry, educational example...will give him some serious portfolio for his next San Francisco race.

Dull boy that I am, the only useful point Vanderford can make to me goes to the question of the Nick Berg and Paul Johnson videos: are they real? He's only offered a potential scenario. That isn't much like proof. Taking the man at his point - if those videos were faked, it'd be interesting to know why those zany fakers of the 'Berg'and 'Johnson' beheading videos aren't crowing about their art. What are they waiting for - for the 'victims' to take a turn on Conan O'Brien?

Albert R. Hunt's op-ed in Saturday's Wall Street Journal has a curious feel to it.

In chastising critics of Kerry's Vietnam service, Hunt seems a little behind the speed of the controversy. This is easy as hell for this to happen; for instance, just in reading this little screed you'll probably find I'm behind the times regarding the Swift Boat vets' ad, the Kerry legal team's letters to newspapers, McCain and Bush's dual criticism of that very ad, all that.

But what I'm writing won't seem remotely as expedient as Hunt's recall of Kerry's service, and his very weak-toned approval of the DNC crowd's approval of Kerry's military supporters. The writing seems downright nervous, not sentence by sentence but in effect. Sometimes, Hunt seems to adopt a "c'mon you guys...this is getting out of hand, guys" tone to a controversy that Kerry et al have encouraged as a sort of political trap, accepted as precisely that by the incumbent's supporters. Presumeably, thirty-five years worth of Kerry's double-mindedness about war will disappear behind his medals, while Bush will seem more callow even after presiding over two wars and two dictatorial step-downs...just because. Curiously, the DNC's complaints against the War address the Iraq campaign, almost completely. because the ongoing Afghanistan war is largely beyond criticism of motive if not methodology. Throw in the regime changes without war in Liberia and Haiti, and after all the convention's work Bush remains one up in the CIC contests. He has shown less respect for despotic heads of state than any Prez since Reagan.

In the matter of Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia, 1968.

Yawnsville. Roger Simon is mad about this. Right now, it doesn't matter to me if he lied this time out. His voting record - which I believe presents his most honest moments as a Senator - will twist his campaign up on its' own whenever the Bush campaign decides to address it. Surely, it isn't be possible that Kerry et al don't see this coming in the debates:

Kerry: (bleep). It! (pounds fist on podium). Stop. Tal. King. About. My. Vo. Ting. Record! I. On. Lee. Want. To. Talk. A. Bout. Our. War. Records. (pause) Pardon. Me. I. Mean. The. War. Record. (pause) Mine.

Audience cheers and boos.

Bush: Look, Mr. Kerry, you've been a soldier a lot longer than you've been a sena....whoops, I mean the other way around. Your voting record got'cha elected and reelected and so on. You seem to think that doesn't count for anything.

Audience laughter and boos.
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