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Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Red Cross and Iraq

Your humble Snipe Hunter is studying to become an LPN. This Yahoo story about the Red Cross' attempt to visit the Abu Ghraib prisoners mostly just reminded me of how they followed in the UN's footprints out of Iraq last summer, after both organizations had their Iraqi grounds bombed. Then the Red Cross condemned the war, citing it as a reason why their service was withdrawn - apparently they felt that helping people in wartime tainted their mission.

I wonder - if, as an LPN, I want to join the Red Cross, is there some sort of litmus test I'll have to take to see if my political outlook could fit in? To see if I'm the right kind of people?

I should call 'em and ask, y'think?

A (UN Human Rights) Watched Pot Never Boils.

The Oil-for-Food deal at the United Nations has me going also. Other parts of the organization might have been affected over the last few years. For instance, did their Human Rights Watch wing chill the numbers recorded for Hussein's abuse of human rights, or cook 'em? I mean, did they under-record or overstate those numbers?

Where, where, where to begin asking. Hey - could a Snipe Hunter special!
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