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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Not amazing enough for print!

But I can't resist. This is The Nation's Eric Alterman inadvertantly stumbling across a Bush-supportive angle hidden within a Bush-critical article.
Here's the link.

If this story breaks beyond MSNBC, two things:
1) The Bush admin's need to be proven right may have seriously blinded them from taking care of some important business. Again.
2) The more rabid war opponents have staked an awful lot on calling out Bush et al with words like 'lie' and 'liar', words that don't leave much of an intellectual out if they're proven wrong. Isn't it an intellectual act to keep close at hand the possibility that you could just be wrong when insulting someone publicly?

Apropo of nothing…

Every now and then, I marvel over the fact that I have lived 43 years with absolutely no idea what it's like to have only one source of news info available to me. I only know the feeling of choosing to settle on a few sources for a while, until I get tired of them and move on.

Fallujah and Najaf compressions.

I've let events in Fallujah and Nasra go without commenting on them because not one single article I read on the al-Sadr vs. the Marines told me anything conclusive. Frankly, I became a little dizzy. But a conclusion there will be, and it looks like it'll go the Coalition's way (thanks www.Instapundit.com, where I found this link). In the aftermath, the insurgency will present nothing the world hasn't heard a lot of and seen some of in the Islamofascist world, even before our entry into Afghanistan: more overreaching rhetoric from one source or another, more overreaching violence. The only twist the insurgency can make is to be caught out with some kind of bio-/chem/nuke/all-of-the-above weaponry like their compatriots in Jordan .

Both very forgiving and very divide-and-conquer of the US to offer to hire al-Sadr's militiamen as part of the Iraqi security force.

Abu Ghraib photos and upcoming trial.

The soldiers who performed the acts in the photos and videos have been arrested, and they 'll be tried in Iraq . As the tribunal system begins its' work, I wonder what the victims of these abuses will think of seeing an American military prosecutor taking their side in a courtroom, and perhaps treating these soldiers with hostility? I look forward to finding out.

One more thing about the prison system in Iraq, though. Maybe the responsible bureaucrats are already doing this, I don't know, but it'd be a good idea to begin sorting through the detainees in the whole system, find out who's there as a combatant, for criminal activity, or that category called 'no one can remember why.' Separate violent from non-violent offenders. Release any prisoner held without a specific charge. If they're later met on the field of combat - it could happen - c'est la vie?

All anger isn't the same.

Stephen Green at Vodka Pundit queries the antiwar crew(s) about their outrage over Abu Ghraib. My question is simpler: when will they get around to dealing with the UN's Oil-for-Food scam? It will be a longer-running show. If you're gonna hold the US to the UN's standards, make sure we can bend this low?

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