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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Car/School In My Passway.

My '84 Toyota Corolla and my '04 class has taken up too much of my mind this weekend to
allow for much blogging. Nothing like perpetual emission testing
failure and a failure to test out of a computer-basics class for mild
but persistant irritation.

Dicks for a dictator.

The following is a rant:

On the Bill O'Reilly show this afternoon, a caller who wanted to argue
the sheer wrongness of the Iraq War hit BO'R with a phrase I haven't
heard in months - "two wrongs don't make a right." Yeah.

Well, of course...I disagree. I believe that the set-up for Hussein
prior to March 2003 was an example of the ineffectuality of one right
action too few. Wait...make that zero right actions. Too many
leaders on the face of the earth behaved as dicks for a dictator.
A better term would be hard to find, combining as this one does the
priapic urgency of greed among the leaders of the 52 nations (thus far)
named in the Oil-for-Food scandal with the simple screwing that these UN
members-in-good-standing helped Hussein give his own people. Every
one of those businessmen and politicians played the sixty-minute man
with Iraq over the last seven years or so. And no one on the antiwar
side can think of any better response than that we shouldn't have messed
with the big fish.

Maybe some people learned to admire the Hussein admin's resourcefulness. After
all, Clinton shelled Hussein's weaponry and even his soldiers over the
course of his two administrations. But after '96 or so, so what? The
main man stayed in power. Between his murderous treatment of his own
people and his way with the UN, Hussein stayed in the red and
in the black simultaneously. The 52 world leaders and businessmen made
public (thus far) by ABC News helped too many oil vendors - the round
figure so far is 600, not even connected to Halliburton - profit from misery.
The Oil-for-Food program didn't even get a chance to be a good program gone
wrong. Shortly after its' start,
UN Resolution 661 was just a good idea turned to evil purposes, permitting Iraqi 'veep' Ramadan to demonstrate some kinda nerve. now and then.

The wrong thing was to let these circumstances continue. Trying to end
the miserable moral stalemate over Iraq was either the right thing, or
one wrong thing fewer.

There. I feel much better now.
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