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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Bush (Comp)Lied!!!

Around 4:30 p.m. today, a WCNN AM radio news spot reported that Bush did actually apologize publicly for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by a small group of American soldiers, currently under investigation (the soldiers' names are published on this link.).

Just another example of Bush's duplicity. On his TV interview this past winter, he claimed to Diane Sawyer that he paid no attention to the media in general. Apparently, that isn't true. Or else there's some element of his character that no one admits is there. I recall that last year, during the run-up to the Iraq war, there was a lot of mocking op-ed talk to the effect that, if Bush is so bent on helping out the abused people of other countries, why not the people of North Korea or, hey, Liberia? Bush somehow, without having his ear to the media's ground, telepathically took this argument at face value. In May of 2003, Liberian president Charles Taylor took Bush's offer to leave his office before the arrival of a thousand Marines. This is to the good. And negotiations continue, however haphazardly, with North Korea.
Clearly, Bush lied about paying attention to the media. He certainly listened to Neal Boortz.
. Again, good.

Long, Big, and Hard Dept.

Unless and until Air America remains on air long enough to build up its' audience share so it's big enough to make it worthwhile to reach Atlanta so it won't be so hard to find a liberal talk-radio show, we'll have to make do with liberal callers on consevative talk shows. Rush Limbaugh is still on the worktime radio in the afternoon. And I'll still hear platitudes from his tele-opponents, like the one today - an actual self-described veteran who made the actual claim that civilian presidents don't know how to prosecute wars because they've never seen combat. Ergo National Guard pilot / draft dodger Bush should pull out of Iraq.

The caller certainly sounded sure of himself. In fact, he had that tone of voice that combined laughter with smugness - kinda like a motor that RPMS higher and higher with no take-off. Since I left the area to do some work, I missed Limbaugh's response. But the caller made a point that might be worth applying to another situation. How about World War II? Maybe Franklin Roosevelt, a non-vet career politician even before being attacked by polio at age 39, should've thought twice before signing off on the invasion of Europe - whatta disaster that was, eh?

Yes yes, that invasion was made in order to quell a marauding dictator who never so much as spit in the direction of America, but….

Okay, I'll stop. Cheap shot taken. Cheap platitude takes a final spin before spiraling into the swamp. You think it'll fly again? You fish it out and clean it.
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