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Friday, April 30, 2004

This is stuff I pub'd on an earlier version of my first day on the blog. Retrieved for your perusal - Michael Ledeen, Bush appeasement of North Korea, questions.

NRO's Micheal Ledeen widens his lens for a little greater scope to the political problems on the ground in Iraq - in this instance, do throw out the B'aathists with the B'aathslaughter (pun overwrought, sigh). The link:


Interesting parenthetical tease, here, from this same article: "How can it be that, more than a full year after the fall of Saddam, not a single top Baathist has been brought to justice? (And why, now that you ask, have our media not been pounding this drum? Perhaps because some of them have employed former officials of Saddam's information ministry, a dirty little secret that helps understand many things)?"

Emphasis mine. I believe you, sir, I believe you, but that's not enough. This here teaser deserves a column of its' own.

You know, Bush's foreign policy offers a little something for everyone these days. Beyond the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (listed in order of occurance) and two more step-offs by crummy little leaders who've done their best to do their worst for Liberia and Haiti, there is consideration even for Kim Jong-il: an offer of appeasement for North Korea. Very sweet. Two links:


So, those of you who are antiwar - please, address the questions below. I'm interested in the answers. I don't mean to be sarcastic here, but do write as if the 1994 Agreed Framework accord had never existed.

A) Is this form of dealing with an incipient nuclear power a good idea?
B) Will it prevent the weapons from being built or used?
C) If so, will you credit Bush with a bit of political thoughtfulness in this particular situation?

Please state answers in the form of answers. Answers in the form of questions are tiresome.

This, re: WMD in Syria. Just a spark below, for a reminder:,+director+of+satellite+intelligence+for+the+Pentagon&ei=UTF-8&cop=mss&u=www.bigjweb.com/artman/publish/article_1583.shtml&w=general+james+r+clapper+jr+director+of+satellite+intelligence+for+the+pentagon&d=9C5E2FEEE0&c=482&yc=46930&icp=1

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