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Friday, April 30, 2004

(Straight white) Honest Opinion seeking (charming, feminine) Lucrative Endorsement Contract

I love those Flaming Cheetos! That hot red powder would taste wonderful on just about any non-sweet snack, even if it does have the texture of metallic 'dust' from a grinder in a machine shop. Even those 'Chester' snacks are alright with the powder. Can't say much for the Andy Capp Hot Fries - their version of this hot powder is too sweet. Who da hell makes this tasty dust?

Re: Joseph C. Wilson inadvertently supporting Bush's 'sixteen words' after all this time....

If memory serves, only one journalist publishing on an American political website even followed up on Mohammed Elbaradie's claim of a 1999 Niger visit from an Iraqi official: Terrence Jeffries, in a Townhall.com article originally published on July 23, 2003. The pub date was way after Elbaradie's speech so, okay maybe it's bogus. But - the runaround Jeffries reported getting from the Iraqi government - just as Hussein's time was running out at the United Nations, yet - was noted in an article on Slate.com. If Slate credits a report from a conservative source, maybe the two together meld into a solid whole.

This is just the lowly opinion of a humble news consumer, a total amateur to the world of reporting. But not to the world of researching stuff. How could the merest whiff of that February 1999 date just slip by the collected noses-for-news that make up our most prestigious news publications? Or do all those noses merely fog up whatever place they're collected in? I mean, honestly, only one guy even followed this up? And a conservative, at that?

The link:

Since Elbaradie and Wilson have agreed quite separately on this point, and if the Bush-hounders can accept that maybe the CIA presented a faulty date in that National Intelligence Estimate back in 2002, perhaps we can consider this particular snipe has been put down?
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